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Amazing MVP Summit - Machine Intelligence is ready for Prime Time!

by JamieMcAllister 13. March 2018 04:12
A great MVP summit this year. It really opened my eyes to Microsoft Cognitive Services and I'll be highlighting how to apply these tools to SharePoint in future posts. [More]

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SharePoint 2016 Versioning Bug after upgrade

by JamieMcAllister 27. April 2017 12:31
Upgrading from SP 2010 to SP2016 via DB attach was pretty smooth, but there seems to be a bug that affects versioning settings for large libraries [More]


Bug | SharePoint 2016 | Feature Pack

Trapping Errors when Automating Metalogix Content Matrix via Powershell

by JamieMcAllister 23. December 2016 04:11
Using Powershell to automate Metalogix Content Matrix and migrate content can be very powerful. One problem though is that the way to trap errors is undocumented. I chip in the necessary information here. [More]

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Content Matrix | Powershell

Deleting SharePoint Items remotely via Powershell

by JamieMcAllister 16. December 2016 03:27
Recently I was trying to put together a really quick solution to delete some SharePoint 2010 items remotely using Powershell script. It'd be quite usual to incorporate CSOM into such a solution, but as I had some legacy powershell performing actions via the SharePoint web services (lists.asmx) it se... [More]


CSOM | Powershell | Sharepoint | sharepoint 2010

Deep Dive into SharePoint 2013 Performance Issues Troubleshooting - From Bogdan Coamesu

by JamieMcAllister 9. October 2015 04:05
At our recent SharePoint User Group, Bogdan Coamesu delivered a great session on Performance Issues Troubleshooting. This included a very detailed slide deck, and complimentary files to help you perform the troubleshooting in your own environment. We've decided to post those files here for eas... [More]


Performance | SharePoint 2013 | SUG

Different approach to SharePoint Migration using Powershell

by JamieMcAllister 5. June 2015 11:22
When migrating content I need fine grained control over which containers content goes into or retrofit metadata not originally available. I find using Excel and powershell together to be a very powerful and flexible way forward. [More]

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SharePoint 403s and the PermissionMask Mystery

by JamieMcAllister 4. May 2015 11:11
Getting 403's from your SharePoint farm, or PermissionMask errors in ULS? This is what caused it for me. [More]


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Print Multiple Documents from SharePoint

by JamieMcAllister 24. March 2015 09:50
I got a query from a colleague who monthly needs to print many documents from a folder in a document library. This was taking them a lot of time, and they asked me to enable 'something' to print all the documents at once. There are commercial products to achieve this, but for tens of documents there... [More]


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Add Search for Current Document Set

by JamieMcAllister 4. March 2015 10:14
  Document Sets were first introduced in SharePoint 2010 and are an excellent way to organize content. I've gained many enthusiastic users of Doc Sets, but there is one feature they often ask for - the ability to search inside a particular Document Set. The issue is that Document Sets can easi... [More]


Document Management | Javascript | Office 365 | sharepoint 2010 | SharePoint 2013 | SharePoint Online

Restore Deleted Site Collection

by JamieMcAllister 16. January 2015 11:02
A colleague recently deleted a Site Collection. For a few moments I was a little stumped how to bring it back (though I was certain I could), but Powershell soon provided the answer. [More]


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